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i plan to start with Xen Project as its free \open source platform and you are not limited with manufacture license for use , you are free to use for personal \professional purpose , you just need to buy paid support pack with Citrix   ,if you need Citrix support team involvement during some issue .

The Xen Project is Built for Cloud Computing

Cambridge University started the Xenoservers project, aiming to develop public infrastructure for wide-area distributed computing, in the late 1990s. In 1999, The Cambridge team published a Hot Topics in Operating Systems paper that described Xenoservers as

A new distributed computing paradigm, termed global public computing, which allows any user to run any code anywhere. Such platforms price computing resources, and ultimately charge users for resources consumed.

The Xen Project Hypervisor was built by Cambridge University for the XenoServers project as a mechanism to divide up the physical resources among the cloud tenants and to provide resource management, accounting and auditing that was needed to run a cloud service. In other words, the hypervisor was built for the Cloud straight from the outset, anticipating a highly virtualized world, which today is known as cloud computing.

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my most recent Certification\Education on AWS (Amazon Web Services) also based , using this product for there base level (core layer to provide there service) , so i plan to explore this product deep level to understand how AWS cloud service working and how to use more hidden feature .

Xen can scale to 4095 physical CPUs, 256 VCPUs per HVM guest, 512 VCPUs per PV guest, 16 TB of RAM per host, and up to 1 TB of RAM per HVM guest or 512 GB of RAM per PV guest.

Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon said:

"Xen is great. It is powerful and easy to use. But most important is the very active community around it. That was a very big reason for us in selecting Xen. "

for sure AWS not using same version of XenServer which is available on Citrix web site  , as its open source they use custom made version which is customized for AWS , but still kernel and most of function are same !

Chapter 1 - XenServer Installation

Chapter 2 - XenCenter Installation and adding new Installed XenServer to XenCenter

Chapter 3 Adding XenServer to Cluster and attaching a shared Storage

Chapter 4 Attaching a new block storage to XenServer Cluster

Chapter 5 configuring high availability ( HA ) on Cluster

Chapter 6 configuring Workload Balancing on Cluster

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