Static and Default Routing

when we need communication between other Network or wish to join your LAN (Local area Network ) to wide area network (WAN) \Internet .
Then Routers and routing Tables coming in to the pictures, The purpose of router is to provide communication to other network or in other way
you can say that its a interpreter\translate between networks, to get this work done router´s need Routing Tables

To prepare those routing tables router using numbers of protocol\methods and then providing you communication to other network .

one of most simple and most use method is static and default Routing.

Static Routing :Static routing is a form of routing that occurs when a router uses a manually configured routing entry, rather than information from a dynamic or Default routing traffic.
Example:in our today lab we are using a static route to reach other network , on R2 we have 2 entry.

ip route
ip route

in this example we are saying if router R2 recive any traffic coming for Network then send that traffic to ip address
and in same way we are saying R2 to if any network traffic is coming for network then send that traffic to ip address .

Default Routing: Default routing can be considered a special type of static routing. The difference between a normal static route and a default route is that a default route is used to send packets destined to any unknown destination to a single next hop address

Example:in our today lab we are useing a Default route to rech other network on R1 & R3 , we have just one entry on each router

on R1
ip route

on R3
ip route

in this commands we are saying router R1 & R3 to if any traffic coming to you other then your local defiend ntwork then send that traffic to next connected router (\
for more info have a look to the commands below and for any quistion post in forum .

Lab Setup


R1 Commands :

R2 Commands :


R3 Commands :

 after router´s configuration your both network PCs start communication between each other .