Xen is open source project so its have lot of things feature\ function which is available and it need admin action for designing and planing skills to make it work according to your need ,

when we think regarding a cluster , you have to think regarding a shared resource which are accessible from each cluster member host , then in case of failure , if it will be impacted it can be easily recoverable  .

for Example lets talk regarding AWS EC2 instance , you might be notice when you are going to create a EC2  instance you have to choose a region , those region's are actually XenCenter cluster in background .


and availability zone are XenServer which are isolated but  connected through low-latency links

AWS region code AWS region name Number of AZs AZ names
us-west-1 N. California 2 us-west-1a, us-west-1b
us-west-2 Oregon 3 us-west-2a, us-west-2b, us-west-2c
eu-west-1 Ireland 3 eu-west-1a, eu-west-1b, eu-west-1c
eu-central-1 Frankfurt 2 eu-central-1a, eu-central-1b
ap-southeast-1 Singapore 2 ap-southeast-1a, ap-southeast-1b
ap-southeast-2 Sydney 2 ap-southeast-2a, ap-southeast-2b, ap-southeast-2c
ap-northeast-1 Tokyo 2 ap-northeast-1a, ap-northeast-1c
sa-east-1 Sao Paulo 3 sa-east-1a, sa-east-1b, sa-east-1c

NOTE: This data pertains to the AWS EC2 service, other AWS services (e.g. RDS, S3, ...) may differ
Information correct as of 23rd October 2015 , info from .

 in our lab we are going to do fallowing

Cluster Name region Number of Server Name of XenServer
 P-Cloud  Lab 2 xenserver , xenserver2


open XenCenter console and click on New Pool

Type new Pool name as P-Cloud select Master Server as xenserver and this pool members and click on Create Pool .

wait for task to get completed after task completion you will see your both newly installed XenServers now member of P-Cloud cluster which we just created .

to install \ create new vm (on cloud we called them as instance)  we need some place to store\access installation media , for that i will use a windows share folder called iso on a server IP and access this share between both server .

i am not going to describe how to create a share folder hear to read regarding share folder Click me

Select P-Cloud cluster name then click on Storage tab , Click on New SR...  it will start a wizard , select  Windows File Sharing (CIFS) radio baton and click next .

Type Name of this storage for this example type ISO and click on Next

 Type UNC path of shared folder in Share Name field  , check Use different user name option if you did not share this folder to everyone and type user credential , Click Finish .


after task completion you will notice a new Storage called ISO  available in P-Cloud  cluster Storage tree .

such kind of storage called object storage in AWS world example S3 and because of this they called its not limited with size , its use same kind of staff we use in Windows called  DFS share path shared with multiple servers and storage .

keep in mind S3 dose not use SMB\CIFS protocol , its use custom made Amazon protocol so its same kind but not same as windows share !

S3 is not designed for 100% availability so its not guaranteed by AWS , you are recommended to keep only such data in S3 which is reproducible .