Chapter 5 Configuring high availability ( HA ) on XenServer Cluster

We already configured shared block storage for our cluster so now we can create new VM in our Cluster , but before new vm creation you have to think regarding faster recovery in case of any host get failed due to OS or hardware issue

to enable faster recovery or in other word high availability ( HA ) , we need to manually enable this feature on our new cluster .

Right Click on Cluster Name and Click on High Availability..

for enable high availability ( HA ) on our XenServer Cluster you need a shared disk of at lest 356 MB  keep cluster metadata information , i created a new 500 MB ISCSI LUN and attached to our cluster which called as HA for this LAB , Click me to know how to attach a LUN .

choose your hartbeat SR for HA and check Next .


leave HA plan as default and click Next

review the configuration summery and Click Finish to apply HA on our XenServer Cluster .

wait for Enabling HA process to get completed , you can review process progress in xencenter task bar .

 after successful Enabling HA process you can find Metadata for HA and Statefile for HA will be created in your newly attached LUN for HA .