Attaching a new block storage to XenServer Cluster

in previous chapter we created a XenServer cluster and share a common object storage between both XenServer to place OS ISO files for VM installation , we can not place VM\instance hard drive on object storage

so now we need a block storage ( on AWS world we called them as EBS volume ) which is accessible \ attached  from both cluster node then our VM can become online from other xenserver in case any problem or power failure of current host .

 there are number of type EBS storage available on AWS but in this lab we are going to use ISCSI server for our block storage and i am going to explain how to attach a ISCSI hard drive \ block storage to XenServer cluster

Click Me for more info regarding Amazon EBS Volume Types

 i am not going to explain hear how to create ISCSI volume on FreeNAS server for details Click Me .

after volume creation on FreeNAS go to XenCenter console click on cluster name and then on storage tab New SR... button 

Select Software iSCSI radio button in Virtual disk storage section and click Next


Type Name of this storage in Name Text box and click next

type IP address of ISCSI Server type CHAP credential  and select Target LUN in drop down menu and click Finish

wait for the disk attaching process get completed

after successful attachment you can see a new volume attach to your cluster and you ready to go for next step .